The LSAT is This Weekend … What Do I Do?

  • 2nd February 20152/02/15
  • By Nathan Fox
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calendarWith less than one week remaining until the February LSAT, I get a lot of panicked questions. Students want to know exactly what they should do — hour-by-precious-hour — with the time they have remaining before the big day. Some of them are nicely prepared, and some of them are woefully unprepared. No matter who’s asking, my answer is always the same.

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Should I Retake the LSAT?

  • 22nd December 201422/12/14
  • By Nathan Fox
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go-slow-1088027-mEvery time scores come out, I get a few emails that sound something like this:

“Hi Nathan. Scores just came out, and I got a 158. Should I retake?”

The answer, as usual, is “it depends.” It depends primarily on whether that 158 is a good score, or a bad score, for you. And there are a couple other considerations as well.

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