Should I Cancel My LSAT Score?

cancelWith the June LSAT just days behind us, I'm already receiving emails from students asking if they should cancel their score for one reason or another. Here's what I think:

Short answer: Probably not.

Longer answer: It depends ... but probably not.

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LSAT Test Center Restrictions are Tighter Than TSA Passenger Requirements

aircraft-landing-1444411-mIf you're taking the LSAT, you better familiarize yourself with the Law School Admission Council's day-of the test requirements as soon as possible to avoid having any last-minute surprises on test day. I was having a laugh with my LSAT class recently about the LSAC's long, crazy list of things you can and can't bring to the test. "It's almost like you're getting on an airplane or something," I told them. Well, then I looked at the TSA passenger requirements and realized that taking the LSAT is actually a whole lot harder than getting on a plane.

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Fox LSAT Alumni Spotlight: Lisa Chan

  • 24th May 201524/05/15
  • By Nathan Fox
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Lisa Chan_HeadshotI love hearing what my former LSAT students are doing in law school and beyond. Lisa Chan took a class from me and will be attending Berkeley Law this fall.

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