Is Law School the Right Path?

river-stones-series-1-812652-mI recently had a great conversation with a prospective law student and LSAT test-taker. Since many of his questions are relevant to so many of you, I thought I’d share some of our conversation. 

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August 2014 LSAT Class Results

  • 4th September 20144/09/14
  • By Nathan Fox
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In my latest class, 25 students submitted LSAT results for both test #1 and test #3.  Here are the results for that group:

Test #1 Class Averages: August 5, 2014 (June 2011 official LSAT)
Logic Games:  11.7 correct
Logical Reasoning:  26.0 correct
Reading Comprehension:  13.2 correct
Total Raw Score:  50.9 correct
Scaled LSAT Score:  146.7
Scaled LSAT Range: 132-162

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